Accessory package PAD+ & SIP+

I want the iZi Flex S FIX but still want to have the PAD+ and SIP+. What can I do?

The PAD+ and SIP+ are together available as an accessory package for the iZi Flex S FIX and can be purchased at BeSafe retailers.

What does the PAD+ do?

When children are buckled up with the vehicle seat belt, they often feel that the shoulder belt is ‘uncomfortable’, leading to a risk of positioning the shoulder belt incorrectly to avoid discomfort, e.g. by placing it underneath their arm. To avoid this risk of misuse and to increase comfort, the PAD+ softens the edge of the vehicle seat belt, padding it. Additionally, it also actively increases safety by acting as a cushioning bumper between the child’s chin and chest.

How is this new SIP+ different from the previous one on iZi Kid X2 i-Size, iZi Combi X4 ISOfix, etc.?

This new generation of SIP+ has a newly designed fitting mechanism that makes attaching and detaching the SIP+ easier.

What is the SIP+ for?

The additional side impact protection SIP+ can be placed onto the side of the iZi Flex FIX i-Size facing the vehicle door to further enhance the side impact protection, yet the iZi Flex FIX i-Size has already passed the demanding crash test criteria of the UN R129-02 regulation without the SIP+. Its main function is to reduce the distance between the seat and the vehicle door, thereby enabling an earlier contact in a side impact that leads to less movement.

Baby Mirror XL²

Where are the differences to the “old” Baby Mirror XL?

The Baby Mirror XL 2.0 differs in 4 aspects: 1. it has a more premium and elegant design and 2. an improved clamp on the remote. 3. Its lights automatically turn off after 2 minutes to save battery life and 4. it has a more convex-shaped mirror surface.

How has this product been crash-tested?

This accessory has been crash-tested at a renowned test institute in a frontal impact at 64 km/h.

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